“Hello World” GtkAda and Glade3 Tutorial

Many years ago I tried my hand at Glade and PHP-Gtk (don’t ask!), and I found the entire experience to be fairly horrible. Since then I’ve steered well clear of anything to do with Gtk – in fact I’ve steered clear of GUI (Gtk/Qt) programming in general, mostly because I’ve found that if a program I’m building needs a GUI, it is usually much easier to just deploy it in the browser using HTML/CSS/Javascript (Argh! I really detest Javascript – thank God for the Dart project).

Well, that was then, and this is now.

Today I noticed that a new article had been added to the Ada-DK Wiki: Building GUI With Glade3. Naturally the short tutorial make use of Ada and GtkAda, so it’s right up my alley.

It looks absolutely doable. The code is clean and simple, and not at all as messy as my PHP-Gtk experiments those many years ago. Maybe it is time for me to give GtkAda and Glade3 a try?