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Status Update

Hi to all of you reading my blog.
It’s been a while now since I last blogged, so this is going to be a long post containing a lot of things that happened.

Let’s start with one of the most important ones for myself. My idea of having an international Fellow meeting has been ‘accepted’ by you, and especially Stefano. I’m more than only pleased by the fact that one of my ideas has finally made it to a stage where it became reality. I’m really looking forward to that meeting on 11th Novembre in Bolzano/Italy and hope to see a lot of you guys there.

Okay, let’s head on to the next topic. I finally found a GNU project I can participate in and do something good(tm). I’m currently undergoing training over at GNU Savannah and am looking forward to eventually become a GNU Savannah hacker sometime. This project might be interesting for some of you aswell, as doing project submissions has a lot to do with advocacy and spreading the word. Oh, and it’s great fun. :-)

Another thing that has happened is that I finally got rid of my Plone/Zope based homepage. Plone is a nice webpage system, but it’s way too ressource intensive. I’ve now gone back to the roots and my webserver is now serving a static ‘plain-HTML’ page. No CSS, no JavaScript, no ‘fancy’ design, just pure text and information.

Last but not least I’d like to extend my call-to-arms to this blog. I’ve been working on a project lately that should eventually, at some point, have a Free Software malware analyzation/sandboxing tool as outcome. The project is called penalyze2 and works with PE (Windows) executables. What it basically does is emulation of an x86 CPU and a Windows enviroment. This way malicious code can be analyzed without actually infecting a machine. Why I’m writing about a ‘call-to-arms’ is, that I’m still in need of people interested in working on that project. Its current state is that a proof-of-concept works, as in emulating/analyzing a simple helloworld application. The project, code and some more information can be found at penalyze2′s GNU Savannah project page. If you are intersted in this topic go ahead and have a look at the project page (and maybe the todo list as well ;-) ).

That would, or better put, should be all for now.

Happy hacking!


3 Responses to “Status Update”

  1. michael_kallas Says:

    Working with proprietary software

    This setup requires to use proprietary software.
    Maybe you could use something like WINE or ReactOS.

  2. sp Says:

    I forgot to include the most important fact about penalyze2…

    …which is that is developed for and currently only known to be running on GNU/Linux. Hence it does not require proprietary software. As for the sample/testing files: I’m usually using gcc-mingw32 which is compiling things on GNU/Linux aswell.
    If it didn’t work that way I’d be a bit screwed, being the proud owner of a home without a single computer running Microsoft software. ;-)
    I do appreciate getting the feedback though and I apologize for not having made that clear enough.
    Additionally, if the whole thing had a proprietary dependency it wouldn’t be hosted on GNU Savannah. :-)

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