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FreeAlternatives: project proposal

I have just uploaded a file containing information on a proposed project, FreeAlternatives.

To give you a short primer, the project is about creating a database containing information on FreeSoftware packages which can replace proprietary software. The proposal contains information on how the database could be built, kept up-to-date and extended by the community instead of a small group and still contain valid and approved data.

The proposal is written in plain-text and can be downloaded from here.

Discussion should take place on, but you are also welcome to leave your comments here or drop me an email at

3 Responses to “FreeAlternatives: project proposal”

  1. chorse Says:

    Good idea, bad name.

    I really like your proposal, although I can’t stand that name. Free software is never an alternative, but the only choice.

  2. serras Says:

    Something like this

    There’s a web that has a list more or less like the one you are proposing, but it’s in Spanish. []

  3. bernhardegger Says:

    many attempts at that out there already

    searching for “linux equivalents windows applications” results in many hits, some of the most promising here (but there’s probably dozens more):

    there’s no rating system in place, though, these are just tables

    for a comprehensive database, one could include a column with “possible shortcomings”, since often an alternative or equivalent has a different set of features; maybe it’s also possible to link to another application that is providing the missing features

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