My name is Sebastian Fontius. I am from Ludwigshafen, Germany.

Why Becoming A Fellow Of The FSFE?

It is the least I could do. I do not consider my programming skills to be good enough to “pay back” in code ( that is just my usual inferiority complex I guess ;-) ), but I use other people’s implemented ideas every so often I turn on one of my computers. I use Debian GNU/Linux exclusively and Debian is all about freedom. A large part in this strive for freedom are the ideas and ideals of rms, the GNU project and the FSF.

My Working Life

I work for ALSTOM Information Technology Centre GmbH also located in Mannheim (which is across the river rhine and very well within range of public transport).

My Private Life

My private life consists mainly of

  • Star Trek in every fashion ­ i.e. the eleventh movie, but also everything else.
  • Reading – my favourite author is Terry Pratchett.
  • My two cats – Harold and Felixa be their names.
  • My computers – oberon (Debian GNU/Linux Etch, embedded server), phobos and deimos (Debian Lenny, laptops) and io (Debian etch, workstation). I am always on the lookout for The Perfect Setting™.
  • Music – Swing, classical music, movie soundtracks, oldies. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.
  • Exercising – Not that I want to, but it is always better to do something now than to regret it later :) .
  • Some TV series apart from Star Trek: Scrubs, Futurama, House, How I met your Mother, My Name is Earl, Two and a half Men, 30 Rock, etc.
  • Social issues – I consider free software a social issue, yes ;-)