Study and religion

Two things constituted yesterday for me:

  • The End — The last theoretical part of the last semester at the Berufsakademie. The last examination. The last lecture (in that order). Fittingly the last two both were “Linux für Fortgeschrittene” (“Advanced Linux”). But as Martin put it (thanks for the kudos btw!) there was not much new to be learned in the main study. After the official part Kathrin, Florian, Timm and I went home to Timm to watch a movie (Bill Murray and Geena Davis in “Quick Change” which I can recommend to everyone), play cards and generally have a good time.

  • A nice woman accosted me in the train after I gave a paper she was holding a hard look: “Folge dem Christus”(“Follow the Christ”). She offered me an invitation to a three day event. I politely declined and after being asked why I answered that I am a staunch atheist. She then went on to tell me how she thinks that the universe fits so well together that it must be created by someone and I said that I have no problem with everything being fundamentally meaningless and that I give meaning to my life myself, i.e. bettering myself and the whole of humanity. We discussed a little bit more, but after only two stations I had to get off the train, and to my surprise said something to the effect that I really like to continue the discussion (which I did) but that my station was coming up.

    Well, what do you know? There are other christians who want to persuade you than the “Partei der bibeltreuen Christen” (“Party of bible-adhering Christs”) or the man standing at times at Mannheim Paradeplatz or Bahnhof shouting that Christ will save you if you live your life according to his teachings. And apparently not all want to persuade you to live a life which picks certain parts of the christian bible (and ignores others completely… selling your daughters into slavery, anyone?) and interpret them according to their anyhow settled beliefs which is the worst kind of hypocrisy to me.

And even though I wrote a lot more about my “religious” encounter, concerning my study I still want to say: Booooyah!

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