Oh how I hate thee!

Linux 2.6.14 is out. Very fine, indeed. I downloaded the patch-2.6.14.bz2 (4.2 megabytes over a 5-30 kilobyte/s wireless connection…), applied it, compiled it (into a .deb), installed it and suspended my laptop because my lecture was over. I did not boot into 2.6.14 anymore. Instead of heading home I went to visit my cousin, who [...]

Everything is gone…

Yes, I have read the announcement, but I do not have time to recreate the missing content (everything apart from the blog… I may never understand what people find so interesting about reading the thoughts of someone completely unrelated which maybe can be used as an explanation why my posting frequency is so low) So, [...]

Quake ]|[

Recently I wanted to play Quake ]|[. This was fueled by its source release under the GPL. After I found my old CD (as only the program is free software now, not the data) I checked out a copy of the icculus.org/quake3 sources and compiled them. I started it and found myself not really satisfied. [...]