Due to some circumstances I have a month of free time and will only return to work on 2011-01-03. I have a somewhat lengthy TODO list with all kinds of stuff on it, e.g. christmas decorating and baking/cooking (gingerbread, christmas pudding, cookies, etc.), cleaning up both physically and digitally and generally getting important and not [...]


Apart from the fact that I did not update to OpenWRT 8.09 RC something but instead the final version the update was painless. Bah, no challenge there!

Nothing in particular…

Updates and Backups Evidently the best backup concept is worth jack if you do not implement it. I learned that the hard way yesterday. I “updated” my NSLU2 (“oberon”) from Debian Etch to Lenny which, due to the ARM ABI change required reinstalling. For backing up my machines I mainly use faubackup wrapped in a [...]

I am being told…

…that I do not write stuff in my blog. I am being constantly told this. Well, it is of course true, if you assume a certain value for “true”. So this blog entry just serves to disprove that assumption .

Ireland holiday

From the 22nd of September to the 4th of October Kathrin and me were on a wonderful holiday to Ireland. The first two days we stayed in a B&B in Galway, the last day we were in a hotel in Dublin. In between we stayed in a cottage near Brandon Point on Dingle (far, far [...]

Amarok 2 and Kontact

Amarok 2 The Amarok 2 beta is available in Debian unstable as of yesterday (I think). Looks very promising, indeed. Nowhere near finished, but cool and quite functional nonetheless. Kontact I just started the KDE4 version of Kontact the first time and instantly placed it on one of my extra laptop buttons, replacing Liferea. KDE4 [...]