Apart from the fact that I did not update to OpenWRT 8.09 RC something but instead the final version the update was painless. Bah, no challenge there!

mcabber and OTR

Today I wanted to try out off-the-record messaging (OTR) using mcabber. I did not really find any documentation or web sites saying anything else than “It works!” so I decided to write this Nano How-To for other people having the same problem. Get a usable mcabber version mcabber started supporting OTR from version 0.9.4 onwards. [...]

How you know that I should be learning…

I write blog entries instead I have to answer questions concerning DBMS for my lecture tomorrow and I cherrypicked the questions concerning MySQL. Kathrin, I know you read this: three down, only one to go! is down, for a week or so now… I like Window Maker, I really do. But I think I [...]

Metalglass Plussy

Behold the Metalglass Plussy! I made this after some very encouraging correspondence with Georg Greve. Right now I am tired so just the interesting stuff: You can get the “source” xcf.gz from here, because’s CMS will not accept a file at that size (2741 kilobytes). It is licensed under the same license as the [...]


With all the fuzz going on about the Vienna manipulations (go Georg, kick some b*tt ) it really feels a little bit out of proportions, but in the artwork section there is something entitled “Fellowship Logo” by me. Of course it is the logo, or Plussy. But it was meant as a Firefox throbber. I [...]

New wallpapers and a re-creation of Georg’s Fellow me button

Okay, about a month ago my name was (surprisingly at least to me) mentioned in the Fellowship Bulletin No. 1 because I created a Fellowship of FSFE wallpaper. I did do another one (XCF and SVG “sources”, 800×600, 1024×768, 1152×864, 1280×800, 1280×960 and 1280×1024) but have not found the time to upload it until now [...]

Oh how I hate thee!

Linux 2.6.14 is out. Very fine, indeed. I downloaded the patch-2.6.14.bz2 (4.2 megabytes over a 5-30 kilobyte/s wireless connection…), applied it, compiled it (into a .deb), installed it and suspended my laptop because my lecture was over. I did not boot into 2.6.14 anymore. Instead of heading home I went to visit my cousin, who [...]

Everything is gone…

Yes, I have read the announcement, but I do not have time to recreate the missing content (everything apart from the blog… I may never understand what people find so interesting about reading the thoughts of someone completely unrelated which maybe can be used as an explanation why my posting frequency is so low) So, [...]

Quake ]|[

Recently I wanted to play Quake ]|[. This was fueled by its source release under the GPL. After I found my old CD (as only the program is free software now, not the data) I checked out a copy of the sources and compiled them. I started it and found myself not really satisfied. [...]


Okay, question: What do these keys do (in exactly that order)? Ctrl+t, Ctrl+r, 2, 5, 4, Return Answer (you are not supposed to know this ): It opens up a terminal emulator (Ctrl+t), starts reverse-i-search in bash (Ctrl+r), searchs for the last command with “254″ in it which happens to be “sudo ifconfig eth0 [...]