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Wanted: new paradigms

I was chatting with some KDE people recently and the discussion turned to collaborative documents.  We were talking about how it would be neat to be able to transparently share data with each other.

Our thoughts were about doing much more than sending a file to someone.  We were interested in how you could use the existing desktop and existing programs, but add a layer to the windowing interface to regulate networked collaboration.

You know, it would be cool to right click my ODT document, select ‘Work Together’ and select a name from my instant messenger.  Then we could both edit the document in real time.

Calenders are another thing worth thinking about.  Yes, there are collaborative calenders.  Yes, you can share appointments.  But somehow it all feels a little clunky.  It still feels like we have not got this mix right yet.

It all boiled down to one thing; the current desktop paradigm is pretty good but we’re hitting some walls when it comes to our day-to-day workflows.  We need to think of ways to fix that.

3 Responses to “Wanted: new paradigms”

  1. chrysn Says:

    abiword & jabber

    just to make sure everybody reading this is up to date as far as existing technologies are concerned: technically, it works — see (flash. btw, anybody around who would like to give it a try? i’m just compiling abiword…). it would certainly be better if this worked on an open document collaborative standard, but what abiword is doing seems to be a good point to start off.

    incorporating this into the workflow seems to be the really tricky part that needs either a lot of helper applications or many projects working together.

  2. chrysn Says:


    update (how comes i can’t edit my comment?):
    seems to be work in progress up to now. hopefully this will work out as seen in the demo.

  3. michael_kallas Says:

    Jabber, buzzwords, etc.

    I think there is still some way to go. First, compatible (and usable) Jabber clients would be great :)