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A new language for FSFE’s site : Arabic !

Have you noticed ? Since about a week, we have got a new translator, for a new language for fsfe.org : Arabic, thanks to Osama Khalid who recently joined the translators’ list asking if he could add Arabic translations. He was warmly welcome by Reinhard and started contributing right away.

Of course, the current layout with a Right-Toi-Left language looked awful ! So the web team had to make some adjustments, and finally created a small css patch for rtl, including some graphics. We can thank a lot Andreas Tolf Tolfsen who did much of it ;-)

Wanna look what it looks like ? Jump to http://fsfe.org/index.ar.html ! There are still some bugs in the css, but they’ll be solved with time… and the home page is good looking now.

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One Response to “A new language for FSFE’s site : Arabic !”

  1. Andreas Tolf Tolfsen Says:

    Thanks! I’m really excited about expanding FSFE with Arabic, which is used by millions of people world-wide, including many in Europe.

    I’d like to point out that the bugs in the footer, where there is a lot of mixed rtl and ltr text are web browser bugs, and not of our making. (-: