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August 2019
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Steel Blue Blobs (A Happy Accident)

So yesterday I blogged about my updated version of the green blobs. Since then I have made a little progress… More than intended, due to a bit of input from Kevin Ottens and healthy dose of luck.

The problem with the images I demoed to you yesterday was that the committer names (and the [...]

Remember Me?

So I’m at the KDE PIM development sprint in Berlin. This gives me a bit of time and space to do some project analysis… You remember that stuff I do, right? First, however, I had to finish off my new log parser…

For years I have been sitting on a log parser and scripts [...]

Cyrus IMAP: What Happened When They Switched To GIT?

So recently Jeroen van Meeuwen asked me to take a look at Cyrus IMAP. He had been involved in their switch from CVS to GIT and was curious to see what the results looked like. Let’s start with the usual green blobs:

Cyrus IMAP: Full History in Green Blobs (Click to Enlarge)


KDEPIM: A Little Look At 2011

So this is about the time I usually do my annual review of activity in KDE SVN. Of course I have now stopped my analysis of KDE SVN and moved on to git. Instead of analysis every repo in KDE git, I will focus on what happened in KDEPIM in 2011 (KDEPIM exclusively, no [...]

When Git Push Comes To Shove

[If you are not familiar with the English idiom "When push comes to shove" you can read more here.]

For some time I have been hesitant to start publishing data about usage of Git. You see, when a community changes a tool as fundamental as the SCM it will need to change its processes [...]

Delving Into Git (KDEPIM)

OK, now KDE is 15 years old, it is time for my work to grow up and start looking at git. One of the questions I get asked from time to time is how much code rewriting I will need to do in order to for with git. Thankfully… none.

All of my scripts [...]

So What Does 15 Years Of KDE Look Like?

So, I thought I would take a quick look at what KDE community “looks” like after 15 years under development. So here I will briefly show off three visualisations with no particular comment. I will just leave them here for your amusement.

So let’s start with the now-infamous green blobs (click to enlarge):

KDE: All Grown Up!

So, in the not too distant future KDE will turn 15 years old. This is normally a time when I will go back and reflect on lessons that can be learned from past activities in the SCM. This year is no different.

After my last blog post I was asked about the history of [...]

Throwing Artefacts at the Oracle.

Paul is blogging? He must be delayed in an airport lounge again.

So, my previous work on Oracles was a starting point on a long journey. The destination? Being able to automatically identify who the “core team” of SCM contributors to a project are. Not particularly easy. Before I expand on the idea of [...]

The Oracle of KGPG

So I am sitting in the lounge at Newark Liberty airport and I am not entirely happy with my last blog post… which I wrote in the lounge at Chicago. Not happy because, whilst I addressed his point, I did not go the extra mile and show Rolf how the Oracle tool works in [...]