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August 2019
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KDEPIM: A Little Look At 2011

So this is about the time I usually do my annual review of activity in KDE SVN. Of course I have now stopped my analysis of KDE SVN and moved on to git. Instead of analysis every repo in KDE git, I will focus on what happened in KDEPIM in 2011 (KDEPIM exclusively, no [...]

When Git Push Comes To Shove

[If you are not familiar with the English idiom "When push comes to shove" you can read more here.]

For some time I have been hesitant to start publishing data about usage of Git. You see, when a community changes a tool as fundamental as the SCM it will need to change its processes [...]

Delving Into Git (KDEPIM)

OK, now KDE is 15 years old, it is time for my work to grow up and start looking at git. One of the questions I get asked from time to time is how much code rewriting I will need to do in order to for with git. Thankfully… none.

All of my scripts [...]

Visualising KDE PIM and PIMLIBS in March 2010

Here are the visualisations of KDE PIM and KDE PIMLIBS for March 2010. Next month I will be expanding the suite of scripts that I run against trunk to include the visualisation which exposes if a project is too dependent on one contributor. I will also have the automated commit digesting finished in the [...]

Visualising KDE “Families” (KDE PIM example)

Within KDE our applications and platforms are divided into “families” (no, idea what the correct branding is for these). In trunk these are: kdeaccessibility, kdeadmin, kdeartwork, kdebase, kdebindings, kdeedu, kdeexamples, kdegames, kdegraphics, kdelibs, kdemultimedia, kdenetwork, kdepim, kdepimlibs, kdeplasma-addons, kdesdk, kdetoys, kdeutils and kdewebdev.

I have now started to to automatically run some of my scripts [...]

YAIGTFP: PIMp My Desktop

So I am also going to FOSDEM:

I look forward to hugs and beer over the weekend. However, it’ll be an unusual experience for me this year… This will be the first time that I am at FOSDEM “on business”. Much of my time during the event is already [...]

Who To (svn) Blame In Times Of Trouble

To date, all of my work has looked at SVN artifacts and the contributors who interact with them: add, delete, modify, move etc. On a couple of occasions I have been asked why I do not look into the artifacts. I never really had a good answer and so now I have got around [...]

More On Identifying Troubled Projects

The other day I blogged about how we might identify a Free Software project that was in trouble because of being too reliant on a single individual. One of the things I did not like about that particular visualization is that it said nothing about the artifacts in the repository. Instead, it focused squarely [...]

KDE PIM 2009 Overview

So what did 2009 look like for KDE PIM development?  First off, commits and committers per day:

It is good to see that activity is generally sustained throughout the year.  What is slightly odd (?) is there is an apparent downturn in the commits and committers towards the end [...]