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August 2019
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Getting Cohesive

So, in my mission to see how we can automatically detect “core” teams, I need a measure for how closely people work together. Those of you with strong memories will remember I once coined the term “cohesion” for this measure. I introduced it in a paper at the International Conference on Software Maintenance, three [...]

When Git Push Comes To Shove

[If you are not familiar with the English idiom "When push comes to shove" you can read more here.]

For some time I have been hesitant to start publishing data about usage of Git. You see, when a community changes a tool as fundamental as the SCM it will need to change its processes [...]

So What Does 15 Years Of KDE Look Like?

So, I thought I would take a quick look at what KDE community “looks” like after 15 years under development. So here I will briefly show off three visualisations with no particular comment. I will just leave them here for your amusement.

So let’s start with the now-infamous green blobs (click to enlarge):

KDE: All Grown Up!

So, in the not too distant future KDE will turn 15 years old. This is normally a time when I will go back and reflect on lessons that can be learned from past activities in the SCM. This year is no different.

After my last blog post I was asked about the history of [...]

The Oracle of KGPG

So I am sitting in the lounge at Newark Liberty airport and I am not entirely happy with my last blog post… which I wrote in the lounge at Chicago. Not happy because, whilst I addressed his point, I did not go the extra mile and show Rolf how the Oracle tool works in [...]

The Oracle of ERVIN

Recently I have been on holiday and I have used this opportunity to catch up on some of my KDE number crunching. Also whilst on holiday I took the opportunity to catch up on listening to one of my favourite radio shows from the UK: The Infinite Monkey Cage. The Infinite Monkey Cage is [...]