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August 2019
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NHS Hack Scotland

And now for something completely different…

Yesterday and today, along with Jonathan Riddell, I have been lucky and honoured to be a judge at the inaugural NHS Hack Scotland. This is an event which puts programmers and designers in the same room as staff from the NHS that have real problems to be solved [...]

Cyrus IMAP: What Happened When They Switched To GIT?

So recently Jeroen van Meeuwen asked me to take a look at Cyrus IMAP. He had been involved in their switch from CVS to GIT and was curious to see what the results looked like. Let’s start with the usual green blobs:

Cyrus IMAP: Full History in Green Blobs (Click to Enlarge)


When Git Push Comes To Shove

[If you are not familiar with the English idiom "When push comes to shove" you can read more here.]

For some time I have been hesitant to start publishing data about usage of Git. You see, when a community changes a tool as fundamental as the SCM it will need to change its processes [...]

Delving Into Git (KDEPIM)

OK, now KDE is 15 years old, it is time for my work to grow up and start looking at git. One of the questions I get asked from time to time is how much code rewriting I will need to do in order to for with git. Thankfully… none.

All of my scripts [...]

So What Does 15 Years Of KDE Look Like?

So, I thought I would take a quick look at what KDE community “looks” like after 15 years under development. So here I will briefly show off three visualisations with no particular comment. I will just leave them here for your amusement.

So let’s start with the now-infamous green blobs (click to enlarge):

KDE: All Grown Up!

So, in the not too distant future KDE will turn 15 years old. This is normally a time when I will go back and reflect on lessons that can be learned from past activities in the SCM. This year is no different.

After my last blog post I was asked about the history of [...]

Respect Your Elders!

So, in my previous blog post, I talked a little about how we can show if it is the newcomers or the “oldies” that are the most active contributors to KDE SVN. Let’s jog our memories by taking another look at the 2010 data I previously posted:

Daily commits in 2010 (click to [...]

Old Gits Hang On To SVN?

So Lydia asked me about having slightly more fine-grained information about daily commits. She pointed me to this video which at the 15-minute mark has a visualisation for people contributing to Wikipedia. This visualisation reveals information about for how long people have been contributing to the community.

So, as a distraction from my work [...]

The Oracle of KGPG

So I am sitting in the lounge at Newark Liberty airport and I am not entirely happy with my last blog post… which I wrote in the lounge at Chicago. Not happy because, whilst I addressed his point, I did not go the extra mile and show Rolf how the Oracle tool works in [...]

The Oracle of MLAURENT? (or “Passing the AACID Test”)

So, in my previous blog post I told you about the Oracle of ERVIN. This is a Python script that I have written and which determines who is the most connected person within a Free Software community. As per usual this is all achieved by parsing SCM logs.

So, to recap:

The tool creates [...]