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August 2019
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Now With Extra Added Fellowship

Last week I was surprised to receive an email from Shane Coughlan inviting me to become a Fellow of the OpenForum Academy. The current Fellowship has some of my personal heroes in there and so it was exciting and humbling to receive such an offer.

From their website:

OpenForum Academy is a think tank with [...]

I’m Going To Akademy; So Is Kolab

So, its that time of year again, the annual meeting of all things KDE… Akademy! This year it is coming to you from Tallin, Estonia. This year will be my 6th outing to the event

Of course, KDE is very dear to me and to Kolab and so, in addition [...]

Akademy: What Will You Go To See?

With the big show now only just over two weeks away I wanted to take the time to pimp the programme by talking about the tracks and the talks I am planning to see.


Community is at the heart of KDE. This year it was particularly popular with many talks being submitted. [...]

Akademy Results

So the Akademy results are out! If you submitted a talk you will be hearing soon if you have been successful or not. Since we (the programme committee) have already started to get one or two “Why did you reject me, why don’t you love me?” emails, I thought I would explain a little [...]

Akademy At Lightning Pace

Firstly, a gentle reminder that the deadline for the Akademy CfP is looming. If you have something to talk about and you think it might be of interest to KDE, submit! Next, we have made a last-minute decision to, once again, include lightning talks in Akademy. If you have a topic to talk about, [...]