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August 2019
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Steel Blue Blobs (A Happy Accident)

So yesterday I blogged about my updated version of the green blobs. Since then I have made a little progress… More than intended, due to a bit of input from Kevin Ottens and healthy dose of luck.

The problem with the images I demoed to you yesterday was that the committer names (and the date upon which they first contributed) were all over to the left hand side of the picture. Only a small tweak and the text is correctly appearing next to the first steel blue blob. Except there was a problem… Occasionally the text was being truncated. Either the text was not being drawn, or the first blue blob on that row was being drawn over it. In order to determine this, Kevin suggested that I make the blobs semi-transparent. Simple. Doing so quickly revealed that the problem was that blobs were being drawn over the text. Further work fixed this problem and we end up with the following result…

Click to enlarge

Now here’s where it gets a little interesting… My script is fairly brute-force in places. Most importantly, if a contributor is making multiple commits in the same week, the blob is simply being drawn over and over. Well, by applying a little transparency we get a nice heatmap result. Take a look at the image linked above… Notice the variations in the colour? The darker the blue, the more active the contributor was that week.

Total accident. Kinda neat. And actually makes these pictures ever-so-slightly more useful than they were before.

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3 comments to Steel Blue Blobs (A Happy Accident)

  • Albert Astals Cid

    What repo is this? kdelibs or all? Because if it’s all it seems there’s something seriously wrong on my line that shows almost no commits.

  • @Alert A Cid – it’s KDE PIM so that might make sense :D

    @Paul: This doesn’t work very well to get an overview, a 8000×9000 pic even freezes my computer :D

    I think you’ll have to make some kind of interactive graph with filter functionality and/or zoom to make this really work in terms of overview.

    I would like to see aggregates, too – how much code goes in per week in total and all that.

    While at it, can you make me a pony?

  • iPenguin

    If you output as a PDF the names would be searchable. It’s not “interactive” but depending on your code it could be done with just a few changes.