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August 2019
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Remember Me?

So I’m at the KDE PIM development sprint in Berlin. This gives me a bit of time and space to do some project analysis… You remember that stuff I do, right? First, however, I had to finish off my new log parser…

For years I have been sitting on a log parser and scripts written in Python. These have served me well, but they are just too slow and more than a little buggy after years of being maintained poorly. So I have gone about writing a new parser (with some help from Mirko Boehm and Aaron Seigo) and rewritten all my metrics in C++/Qt. Everything has been working very well for many months now… Apart from one script: the green blobs. So, while I have been here in Berlin, I have finally gotten around to rewriting this monster of a visualisation. I had left this for last because of the need to dig into QFont, QImage, QPainter, QColor etc; all my other scripts were more C++ than Qt.

Of course, a new script requires a new colour…¬†Green blobs are dead! Long live lightsteelblue blobs!

Light Steel Blue Blobs for KDE PIM: Click To Enlarge

This version is still a little buggy… Some of the information is not displayed, some of it is badly positioned. But the important nuts-n-bolts of it are there.

Watch this space. Code will be published soon!

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