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KDEPIM: A Little Look At 2011

So this is about the time I usually do my annual review of activity in KDE SVN. Of course I have now stopped my analysis of KDE SVN and moved on to git. Instead of analysis every repo in KDE git, I will focus on what happened in KDEPIM in 2011 (KDEPIM exclusively, no PIMLIBS or PIMRUNTIME).

OK, to kickoff, the green blobs (click to enlarge):

The first thing I noticed here is that there is no account which has committed in every week of 2011. Notice, also, Laurent; he is not the most regular contributor to this repo (he committed in 67% of the weeks) and yet he is one of the most regular contributors. If we look at commits per committer, we get the following top 10 for last year:

  58 Bjoern Ricks
  89 Christophe Giboudeauw
 109 Torgny Nyblom
 142 Volker Krause
 162 Script Kiddy
 195 Tobias Koenig
 196 Allen Winter
 273 David Jarvie
 273 Sergio Martins
1198 Montel Laurent

The second thing I noticed about the green blobs is how “white” that image is towards the bottom; that is, developers whose first commit for KDEPIM in 2011 was after the first week tended not to stay around too long. This for me feels like the people towards the top are most-likely part of an existing “core” team.

My “Oracle of Ervin” tool reveals Laurent to be the most highly-connected developer in this repo; this comes as no surprise. If we visualise the community we can see him along with others in the “core” of the community (click to enlarge):

Remember, this visualisation is not concerned so much with how much work an individual does, so much as how much they work with others (a better measure of a “team” I believe). So, Laurent appears in the “core” of the KDEPIM team along with many others from the top of the green blobs image. Based upon team structure it appears that Allen “The Kaiser Soze of KDE” Winter is at the centre of the community. You can expect Sergio, Till and Volker to appear in a line-up with him any day now.

How much did the KDEPIM community evolve over 2011? Let’s start by looking at the trend of all-time contributors:

At the start of the year there had been 536 contributors to KDEPIM through its history and this had grown to 568 by the end of the year. However, we can see from the green blobs that many new developers are only hanging around for one week and the project continues to be dominated by a “core” that is not evolving all that much (this is neither surprising nor worrying). If we show the daily commits split by length of contribution, we get the following:

As you can see, this chart is dominated by the purple of committers with more than 2 years of contribution to KDEPIM. Whilst a mature community is an excellent thing to have, I’d definitely still like to see some young blood get retained in KDEPIM in 2012.

So there you have it; KDEPIM 2011 in pretty pictures. I have improved the green blobs so that: 1. the font used is more legible 2. it supports UTF-8; thanks go to Chusslove Illich (Часлав Илић) for contributing to KDEPIM and exposing this. UTF-8 support was also added to the community graphing tool. The “downside” to this is that I am now using real names in these visualisations (I also toyed with the idea of using email addresses, but these create other issues). Ever since I switched from analysis of SVN to git I have struggled to find a suitable alternative to SVN account names. Using %an or %ae in git log really are the best replacements.

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