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Akademy: What Will You Go To See?


With the big show now only just over two weeks away I wanted to take the time to pimp the programme by talking about the tracks and the talks I am planning to see.

  • Community
  • Community is at the heart of KDE. This year it was particularly popular with many talks being submitted. As a result we managed to almost get a day-long track out of it. The track covers community management theory, technologies and legal issues. I’m looking forward to Thomas and Celeste’s talks.

  • Mobile
  • You might have noticed… Mobile phones are becoming an important platform for KDE. Recently we have seen both KOffice and KDEPIM as well as other parts of KDE SC. I am looking forward to talks from Till Adam, Artur Duque de Souza and Alexis Menard

  • Development
  • Want you mind blown by the technical prowess of one of our gurus? This is the track for you! Watch out for Stephen Kelly’s mind-bending Model/View testing experience.

  • Applications
  • Applications are, of course, the primary medium through which are users experience KDE. This track covers a wide spectrum of our applications, covering many KDE modules. Look out for Aleix’s talk on KDE EDU and Dan’s talk on games.

  • Cloud Computing
  • Ahhh… the cloud. One of those terms which has 1001 different meanings depending on who you are talking to. I’m attending Frank’s talk; he’ll bring some clarity in the form of ownCloud.

  • Platforms
  • KDE is not just restricted to Linux. Our software runs on many other platforms and we received many great submissions to reflect this. A dedicated track will help promote the cross-platform nature of our work. Sadly we could not accept a submission from gamaral, but you might want to go and see Casper’s talk on Windows.

So this is what I am going to be seeing at Akademy. How about you? Later I will blog about the lightning talks and the keynotes.

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