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August 2019
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GIMP Doesn’t

GIMP does not drive me to the airport if my flight is before 10am.

Cyrus IMAP: What Happened When They Switched To GIT?

So recently Jeroen van Meeuwen asked me to take a look at Cyrus IMAP. He had been involved in their switch from CVS to GIT and was curious to see what the results looked like. Let’s start with the usual green blobs:

Cyrus IMAP: Full History in Green Blobs (Click to Enlarge)


CeBIT 2011: The Kolab Perspective

Google Calendar and GMail have brought the groupware concept out of the office and into everyone’s daily personal routine. In an odd way, so has Facebook. Has this had an impact on how groupware is presented at CeBIT?

As you walk around Hall 2 you will find many alternatives to the market dominator; [...]

CeBIT 2011: A Free Software Perspective

CeBIT was (probably still is) the world’s largest IT tradeshow. It is spread across roughly 12 halls and it will take you about 30 mins to walk from one end to the other outside. So big.

They have an Open Source Park where various Free Software businesses and projects are represented. Needless to [...]

Kolab Server 2.3 alpha Release

New year, new alpha release; Kolab 2.3 alpha is now released for testing!

For users, Kolab 2.3 introduces new mobile synchronisation features in the form of ActiveSync integration and, for packagers, provides improved code modularity for the web client. Detailed information on the release can be found here: Release Notes

Upgrading from Kolab 2.2.4 [...]

One Groupware, Four Platforms

So most of my life these days is taken up by…

Every now and then I get asked how I ended up involved with Kolab when I was already so involved with KDE. It has yet to be a surprise to anyone to find out that it is because of my dedication to KDE [...]

Kolab Systems AG

So, the cat is out of the bag. Kolab Systems AG has been a long time in arriving. But it is not late, in fact it is just in time.

I am not going to say too much here (now or in the future) about the business side of Kolab Systems AG. That, of [...]

Integrating Mailman With Kolab

And now for something completely different…

Kolab is a groupware server cleverly composed as a lightweight integration of existing technologies… Cyrus, Postfix, OpenLDAP, Apache… Whlist, “out of the box”, Kolab is a excellent solution, there is one commonly-sought feature which does not come as part of the standard distribution… mailing list support by Mailman.