Get your Christmas presents: Amarok 2.5 and KDE 4.7.4 on Windows!

Our KDE-Windows team has been working silently in the background to present you a whole new experience: You can now use your preferred Desktop experience and Audio player on MS Windows, too!picture by Patrick von Reth

Indeed, Amarok 2.5 is the first stable version we release on Windows, offering the same options as the already famous Linux version does. To quote Patrick von Reth, the developer who brought Amarok 2.5 to the MS Windows platform: “In 2005 when I first used Amarok on a Live CD and whished they would support Windows I never imagined I would be the guy who would help bringing it to Windows”.

As a special Christmas gift you can now use the KDE 4.7.4 software compilation on Windows as well. Although still not considered stable and suitable for production work, it is worth a try as it brings a lot of improvements such as the brand new Konversation IRC client 1.4 version, the personal finance manager Skrooge in version 1.1.1 to only name a few KDE applications and, as a technical preview, the speech recognition software Simon in 32-bit. You can get Amarok 2.5 as a standalone product or, even better, install it together with KDE 4.7.4 through the KDEWinInstaller.

Don’t hesitate and get your preferred Free Software on Windows as well :)

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20 Responses to Get your Christmas presents: Amarok 2.5 and KDE 4.7.4 on Windows!

  1. A user says:

    Good job, thanks and keep up the hard work :-) !

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  3. Andreas Moog says: is a good read and I support that position fully.

    • myriam says:

      We port our own software, and we offer more choice to the Windows users who often discover Linux through applications they like. It certainly is so for Amarok, and it is GPL and will always remain so.
      Don’t forget that sometimes you need to get to the users where they are, most will not even think of looking elsewhere out of ignorance of better choices. Making them discover Free Software on their desktop can work as an eye-opener.

    • STiAT says:

      For me, on my work PC I can’t choose myself if I use windows or something else, and it’s a nice thing having high quality tools like kate and others available, and with amarok available the choice of the music player I can use the same as at home on my linux workstation.

      Free software is about freedom, that – for me – includes the choice to freely choose any operating system you want to, or which covers your needs or provides the tools necessary.

      KDE for Windows for once provides users the choice to use the high quality free software on windows, and gives the user more choice about which software to use.

    • Tomaz Canabrava says:

      @Andreas Moog I have a bunch of coleagues that also supports your vision, they also lock the door when they are going to play wow, because they don’t want people knowing that they have windows in their pcs…

      • BajK says:

        And they should definitly be ashamed of having Windows on their PCs for playing WOW since it is on the Top 10 of Best Running Applications in the Wine APPDB …

    • Andy P says:

      Edited by Myriam: Please do not use my blog to insult people. I can’t accept that and therefore I have removed your comment.

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  5. ZeD says:

    I’m trying to upgrade my kde on windows using the installer, but it stop telling me there are md5 errors.

  6. STiAT says:

    Interesting – how do you get the look&feel to be like that? On my work PC, KDE on Windows looks like a java software of the 80th (including Amarok, but having Amarok on Windows with a nice integrated look would definitely be damn nice).
    Is that any special theme which integrates better to the default look&feel of Windows?

    • BajK says:

      With 4.7.4 you can configure it to use Windows 7′s (or XP) own theme engine. You won’t notice any difference. Even the progressbar then have this light running through. Just go to Systemsettings, Application appearance – like you would in KDE itself.

      • STiAT says:

        Therefore I’d need systemsettings :-) … i installed only amarok and kate for now with all their depends – where should systemsettings be included?

        • TheOneRing says:

          You need to install kde-workspace for systemsettings and the oxygen-style

  7. Artur says:

    This is awesome! A big thank-you to the developers for their hard work.
    I have the lovely KDE on my home PC and Windows on my work PC. It sure is nice having Amarok on my Windows one!

  8. Birger says:

    Great work!

    It installed flawlessly on my Windows7 machine.

    I hope iPod support will be there soon.

  9. gdebure says:

    Hi Myriam,

    First off thanks to the KDE on Windows team for their efforts. As for many others, I do not have the choice of my OS at work, so being able to use kate, amarok, and even dolphin on Windows XP is great.

    As I am also one of the skrooge (typo in the blog, by the way, you wrote it scrooge) developpers, many thanks for the upgrade to the latest version :)


    • myriam says:

      Hi Guillaume,
      so sorry for the typo, I must have had a Christmas Carol in my head when I wrote that :) Corrected now, of course.

  10. trishf42 says:

    Thanks KDE, and thanks Myriam for the heads-up!