FrOSCon 2009 résumé

Last weekend, FSFE again had a booth at Froscon, St. Augustin, Germany. As all the last years, the event showed a nice atmosphere and the organizers did a good job to keep us happy. We all had some interesting conversations and some new Fellows will join us. :) Incredibly many people volunteered for the booth, here’s just three of them:

Booth of FSFE at Froscon 2009

Booth of FSFE at Froscon 2009

Matthias and I were interviewed by a german radio station and I had the opportunity to fail at finding the reverse gear at Rainer’s “way of life”.

Rainers way of life: Freedom 2CV

Rainer's way of life: Freedom 2CV

So, it were two hard but successful days for Free Software again!

2 thoughts on “FrOSCon 2009 résumé

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  2. Thanks to all who helped at the booth!!! It was very good to see such a huge volunteer booth team!!