Inspiration for DFD Street Art?

Some time ago, the FSFE published a call for Street Art Artists hoping to get some catchy art work on the theme of Open Standards. Today, I have found hilarious example of such art.

By Paul Mutant (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Tell me what do you think of it? Are we going to use something like that? Any similar thoughts?

Other examples

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One Response to “Inspiration for DFD Street Art?”

  1. Sam Tuke says:

    Norwich?! I used to live there. We had a big problem with vacant shops in city centres in England at the beginning of the ‘recession’. There were lots of projects that were set up to use these spaces for useful things. I guess that this may have been part of that movement.

    It looks great, but for such things people would need the permission of the shop in most cases, I imagine. If you enquire early enough it may be possible to get this, however.

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