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Spammed by Kofi Annan?

Being on dozens of mailing lists with several email addresses that have been in use since the mid-90s and a column that has been translated in up to 10 languages — most of which I do not speak, some of … Continue reading

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Braindead patent?

During the struggle against software patents, many people used the example of plotlines and concrete stories to demonstrate the difference between patents (= plotlines) and copyright (=the actual story). Like the "imagine Beethoven had gotten a monopoly on ‘musical pieces … Continue reading

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IPRED2: have a nice time – in jail!

Apparently a Dutch court sentenced a man to six months in prison for violation of laws for handling counterfeit goods. His crime? He wore a fake Rolex: http://www.ananova.com/news/story/sm_1587840.html?menu=news.quirkies.strangecrime Please note that he did not produce or sell a fake rolex. … Continue reading

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Problems with e-waste? Send it to Africa!

The Basel Action Network (BAN) published an interesting report, titled "The Digital Dump: Exporting Re-Use and Abuse to Africa" in which they analyse the effects of many "ship your old computer to Africa" activities. Studying Nigeria as a role model … Continue reading

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Boycot O2

Computers + Kafka = Instant Insanity Here is another story that is too absurd to be fiction, thus it must be real: How to (not) escape the claws of an immoral mobile phone provider. As this story has stretched out … Continue reading

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Reasons to not fly KLM and SkyTeam

…as I found myself sitting all the way in the back (second last row) all the way in the middle between a vertically challenged U.S. citizen and a bloke from the UK. Okay. To be fair: Both were friendly and … Continue reading

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