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  1. HI Michael

    I thought you might like to know that your project features in my book ‘Raspberry Pi For Dummies’ in a chapter dedicated to inspiring Raspberry Pi projects. If you’d like, I can write a post for your website about why I chose your project for the book. Let me know if this is of interest, and thanks for sharing your project online and inspiring other Raspberry Pi users!

    Best regards

  2. Hi Michael

    I was unable to reach you via your privacy box as this service was shut down five months ago.

    Can you get in touch with me, please?


  3. Lieber Michael,
    gibt es auch die Möglichkeit bei dem Ein-Knopf-Player dass nach jedem Track ein Stopp einsetzt, also mit single-play-function ? Ich würde so ein gerät für unser Puppentheater gut gebrauchen können !
    Mit vielen Grüßen
    Andreas Kilger

  4. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for your audiobook project. I was thinking about trying to do something like that for my blind mother, when your project appeared.

    My experiences with mpd were torturous. I think that my main problem was that, when I used ‘mpc ls | mpc add’ to create a playlist, it was not writing a file to storage; there was no file in the ‘playlists’ directory. I might have erased it in my beginner’s zeal and it was not going to create a new one for me. The solution was to, after creating the playlist as above, enter ‘mpc save ‘. A file appeared on disc and ‘mpc play’ worked.

    You might consider this beyond the scope of your project, but if you like, I can forward some notes about connecting a usb audio dac to the RPi and getting, possibly improved, sound out of that.


  5. Hi, wir würden gerne ein Foto vom One-Button-Audiobook-Player in c’t abdrucken (natürlich mit Quellenangabe). Ist das okay?

  6. Im trying to build the one button audio player for my mother.
    I got my raspberry running and build in the button and a led. but the problem is the python script, when the script is running it wound stop the music (or audiobook) and copy the new audiofiles to my raspberry when i plug in a usb-stick. And the only thing from the script thats working is the pause resume button.

    I hope that you have an answer for me.

    building this project for my mother who suffering from parkinson.

    regards Ronaldo

  7. Hallo Michael,
    mich interessiert das Projekt sehr, ich habe einen geistig behinderten Sohn, der gerne Hörbücher auf Kassette anhört. Leider gibt es bald keine neuen mehr.
    CD Player und MP3 Player kann er nicht bedienen.
    Aber Deine Idee ist wunderbar.
    Kannst Du mir nicht die ganze Anleitung auf Deutsch zu kommen lassen?
    Auch bräuchte ich noch das Programm, das den RasPi startet.
    Wie lange darf ein MP3 File sein? 1h, 2h oder auch mehr?
    Welche Raspi-Version braucht es mindestens.
    Gerne erwarte ich Deine Antwort.
    Mit freundlichen Grüssen Ralph

  8. Hallo Michael,

    die Idee ist super – leider bin ich technisch absolut nicht auf der Höhe der Zeit. Verkaufst Du den Einknopf-Player auch – wenn nicht wäre ich dankbar für eine deutsche Anleitung und würde mich mal in die Materie einarbeiten…

    Viele Grüße


  9. I’m having a bit of trouble with the audio book project. I have all the wiring done correctly for the project but I am a newbie when it come to the software and configuration part. Could you post a tutorial on it. Or if that’s too much of a hassle could you send me a folder with all the files in it? I’m also willing to purchase a SD card with all the configuring already done. my mothers birthday is on the 15th of November and i was hoping to have the project working by then. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you for your time.

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