Planned: Cat lift

I plan to build this cat lift, so my parents don’t have to pull up the cat basket manually all the time. The problems here are, that it has to be very quiet and should also be hardly visible from the outside when not in use:

One thought on “Planned: Cat lift

  1. I like the basic idea of a cat lift, but you may be overthinking it- any way you might be able to clamp or otherwise mount a simple fishing reel so as to draw up the cat basket? They’re small, easily covered or disguised, weather-resistant… and you can get one that will easily pull any reasonable test of line. Every few months you might need to feed out a new length of line and pitch the old, just to be safe, but you’d need to do that with most any line. I got the idea from an old hidden “slinky” antenna meant to allow the use of long wire antennas, at least at night, with unreasonable landlords… that appeared in a magazine in the Seventies.