My GPLv3 talk at aKademy 2006

I recorded my talk "GPL: what can v3 improve?" at aKademy 2006 on my digital camera. Below is a video and the timeline of the talk.

I still need practice at public speaking, but I’m getting better. I’m good enough to be a discussion starter for certain FSFE issues, but I should say at the start of my talks that I’m not a spokesperson for FSFE.

Another mistake I made a few times is using the word "we" without saying who I was talking about. Sometimes it means "me and the people nearby", but it could be misinterpreted as "me and the authors of GPLv3" – that group doesn’t exist, I’m not in any such privileged group. My information comes from public sources, I’ve just been following the issue closely.

This URL is probably not permanent. I will move the video to another server when I find one. If you want to reliably link to it, mirror it or link to this blog entry.


  1. [00:20] 5 Motivations for a new GNU GPL
  2. [00:42] Why change it now?
  3. [01:36] Motivation #1: Clean-ups
    • [01:36] (a) BitTorrent distribution
    • [02:50] (b) Licence termination
    • [04:36] (c) Internet versus postal distribution
    • [05:50] (d) Duration of source code availability
    • [06:36] (e) Easier to understand
  4. [07:32] Motivation #2: Internationalisation
  5. [10:57] Motivation #3: Licence compatibility
  6. [14:50] Motivation #4: Patents
  7. [20:17] Motivation #5: Digital Restrictions Management
  8. [24:38] Linux developer comments
  9. [26:18] Can Linux relicense?
  10. [28:53] Commenting
  11. [31:17] The system
  12. [32:38] Discussion committees and the decision process
  13. [34:25] Audience Q1: What happens if Stallman dies tomorrow?
  14. [37:15] Presentation conclusion,
  15. [41:30] Audience Q2: Are "me too" comments useful?
  16. [43:05] Audience Q3: Have FSF met the Linux developers in person?
  17. [44:26] Audience Q4: Can v3 and v2-only code be combined? (No)
  18. [46:28] Audience Q5: How can large projects guard against future incompatibilites?
  19. [48:14] Audience Q6: What licences will be compatible with GPLv3?
  20. [53:20] Audience Q7: Are the differences between drafts available online?
  21. [53:40] Audience Q8: Will the anti-DRM clauses prevent companies from preventing employees from modifying their work computers?
  22. [55:54] Audience Q9: Might the compatibility section allow for a less-free GPL?
  23. [58:56] End of session