EU states to discuss Internet filtering

The French government is likely to lobby the other EU member states to support disconnecting people from the Internet without a court case. The French government first tried to convince the European Parliament (EP), but that backfired and the EP adopted a text (amendments 138, 166) stating that a judicial process should always be necessary (Sept 24th). Then Sarkozy sent a letter (Oct 3rd, page 2 paragraph 1) to the European Commission asking them to reject the EP’s amendment, but the Commission has rejected Sarkozy’s request (Oct 7th).

So the remaining option is for Sarkozy to convince the other EU member states to oppose the European Parliament’s amendments. The EU member states form the European Council, and they have the power during the current stage of the EU legislative process. So letters will have to be sent to the relevent minister in each national government regarding this issue.

This isn’t a direct threat to free software, but Sarkozy’s proposal is to give control over Internet connections to the Music industry. Internet connections are important for free software users and developers, and the Music industry is practically always our opponent on legislative issues.

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Ciarán O’Riordan,
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