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Fellowship Jabber meeting about FSFE’s education activities – Wednesday 17 November 20:00 CET

Dear Fellows,

a year has passed since the edu-team went back to work. That isn’t much in light of all the work still ahead of us, but we can also look back at successes and highlights.

The jabber meeting is a good place to discuss all this. Share your stories, challenges, the decision-making processes in your country and other news. What is your opinion on Free Software and education? Gany ideas? What do you want us to focus on? Let us know your concerns!

Join the jabber-meeting: Wednesday 17 November 2010, from 20.00 – 21.00 CET.

See you there,
Thomas Jensch – edu-team coordinator


6 Responses to “Fellowship Jabber meeting about FSFE’s education activities – Wednesday 17 November 20:00 CET”

  1. Elias Aarnio Says:

    I run a ESF funded project, Educoss, in Finland that promotes use of FLOSS in education.

    Unfortunately the web page is in Finnish only.

    Looking forward to collaborate more with all of you!

  2. guido Says:

    Sounds great! I hope you’ll attend the meeting tomorrow. We’ll contact you anyway if you don’t ;)

  3. guido Says:

    BTW: in preparation for the meeting, I wrote another posting about what I’d like to talk about: http://blogs.fsfe.org/guido/2010/11/upcoming-jabber-meeting-on-free-software-in-education/

  4. hesa Says:

    I planned to participate in the meeting but it now turns out I can’t.

    Please, send me a log file or report afterwards


  5. Elias Aarnio Says:

    Please post a log. I simply forgot the meeting. Sorry :(

  6. admin Says:

    Thomas Jensch has published a report of the meeting on his blog.