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Novell iprint client on Ubuntu Karmic

Today I succeded in fixing my novell iprint client setup on Karmic, it was previously running on Ubuntu Hardy, but stopped working after the upgrade.

Karmic comes with CUPS in version 1.4.x, the latest SLED (11) still delivers an rather old iprint rpm dated Oct 2008 and has CUPS 1.3.9.

Obviously something changed in CUPS. After lot of strace, ltrace and log file reading I found the function valid_host in CUPS sources, which checks names allowed to connect via loopback. They are restricted to some versions of “localhost”. The Novell iprint binary connects with “/var/run/cups/cups.sock” set as hostname and therfore fails.

I created a patch for CUPS which (re-?) adds this to the valid_host function and now it works again.

Patch download:

Copy the patch into the debian/patches subdir of an extracted cups 1.4.x source package, add it to debian/patches/00list (preferably on top) and rebuild your debian package.

Some upgrade changed my printers.conf removing several lines from each printer. without re-adding those printing fails with client-error-document-format-not-supported.

The lines per Printer entry are

Filter application/vnd.cups-raw 0 -
Filter application/vnd.cups-command 0 commandtops
Filter application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 -

4 Responses to “Novell iprint client on Ubuntu Karmic”

  1. chuckles148 Says:

    Can you give a bit more detail on how you did this.


  2. alge Says:

    Just look on my next post, I tried to explain it somehow …

    Good luck in trying …


  3. HeX Says:

    Thanks for the patch. I thought I never was gonna print on our dept’s printer again.

  4. Jurjen Says:

    You can also try a newer iPrint client.