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Dropbear for Verbatim SOHONAS (ex SmartDisk)

After using two of those SmartDisk SOHONAS drives for a year, I decided to add some useful stuff to its firmware.

Following the instructions e.g. on it is easy to compile small packages, e.g. dropbear for use as small ssh server.

The result can be found at, the tar file contains ssh, sshd and scp binaries (it puts it on the disk partition at /usr/hddapps where also samba and ftpd reside). Use it at your own risk, of course you need to enable telnet support before to be able to extract it on the device (if the standard busybox tar fails, use the additionally provided gnutar).

One Response to “Dropbear for Verbatim SOHONAS (ex SmartDisk)”

  1. alge Says:

    One annoying thing with the SOHONAS firmware is, that it re-extracts its hd part (/usr/hddapp/* …) on every reboot.

    I’m still searching for a way to make the addition (of ssh or other stuff) permanent. Of course I could put it on the shared partition of the hard disk (I use ext2 and not dosfs). But at least I need a way to put a init script on the firmware partition, that activates the additional software (… I would like to run an openvpn on that box)