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Back in time (2)

Different kind of back-in-time post, this time more like Marty McFly. I started Akregator (Kubuntu 10.4 installation) to reduce the amount of planet-surfing I do, and it comes up with a bunch of pre-configured feeds. One of them is Akregator News. It’s a fascinating time machine. I guess it’s in the default configuration and just never got changed, since it still points to the SourceForge pages. News articles about Qt 3.2, KDE 3.4 (remember that PIM skipped one minor then?). News stopped then and it moved to the blog, which culminated with KDE3-to-4 build instructions in december 2005. My. Have we been in KDE4-land (the long winding road to 4.0 and thereafter) for four and a half years already?


2 Responses to “Back in time (2)”

  1. bbroeksema Says:

    Heh, somewhat embarrassing indeed. Fixed in trunk and 4.5.

  2. Florian Jacob Says:

    Just found your blog post over planet kde akregator subscription. Actually, the same thing happened to me a few days ago, too. (I tried to reduce surfing especially on A really strange experience, as the earlier news were even before I started to use Linux, and then I crawled up the time until news were appearing I actually remember. Felt like exploring the ancient halls of kde development, examining the wall inscriptions, and suddenly, all is gone.

    I wonder where akregator news are located today? ;)