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Back in time

Back in time. That is, back (from vacation) in time (to avoid the long drizzly tedious soaking rains of today). I was off for a week, bicycling with the family in the Netherlands. We did not go camping this time, just to "trekkershutten", which I suppose can best be translated with "simple holiday home for a traveling family". The week was hot and sunny, which was just the right kind of weather for us. This year the kids had to ride their own bicycles — no more tow or kiddy seats! For both Mira and Amiel 25km per day is really the maximum they can handle. On 16" and 20" wheels that’s still a long ways to go. Amiel just pedals along fanatically, at a steady 9.5 km/h. So while it’s a real distance and endurance achievement for a 5 year old kid, mom and dad’s main challenge is cycling that slow all day.

So today was rain all day, and I’m glad we didn’t have to ride through that. Catching up on a week’s worth of email (#1: I really need to install Kontact on my n900; #2: expensive hotels in Amsterdam charge you 7EUR an hour for internet, while cheap hostels in the middle of the forest offer wifi for free) and trying to ignore all but the most urgent for now.

2 Responses to “Back in time”

  1. Martin Says:

    ‘Trekkershut’ would be ‘camping pod’ in the UK, although these are, as usual, one size smaller. But pretty cosy. Re kid’s cycling speed: don’t worry before you know they’ll look over their shoulders and tell you ‘Harder, papa!’ My kids did before they left primary school.

  2. mina86 Says:

    On completely unrelated topic: how’s the N900? I haven’t used a mobile for quite some time but I might as well be forced to get one soon so I’m looking at option. I was thinking about Android but recently got second thoughts after reading a lot about vendors locking their phones defeating the whole idea of Free Software. How does it look with N900? And is there software for it — there is some kind of app store for Android so I’m wondering if similar number of applications can be found for N900.