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Making mistakes in my talks

When I give a talk, I usually take people in the audience as examples. This is why people who know me usually sit two or three rows back if they possibly can help it, or all of a sudden they’re likely to be labeled the Evil Software Corp. or something worse. "You there, you’re BSD licensed, and over on this side we’re GPL, right?"

Usually these things work out OK, but when people end up associated with companies, I do make mistakes. So the Fedora guy (not rrix, Jakub, I think) with a red hat on in the audience was my example for companies that might be concerned about the effect of the GPLv3 on their ability to ship KDE as part of their embedded products. That’s utter bollocks, though. Red Hat have been one of the bigger GPLv3 supporters throughout the process, and they ship plenty of GPLv3 products. So scratch that example, should you watch the video. Next time I’ll pick someone with a different-coloured hat. other than that, I think the talk went pretty well.

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6 Responses to “Making mistakes in my talks”

  1. Angeles Says:

    Making mistakes is human – don’t worry about it.

    What is generally a bad idea, though, is picking on members in the audience. Using them as examples can *sometimes* be okay, but nobody likes being pointed at in a crowd (I know I don’t). Also, I am not comfortable with presenters pointing at me for something my company is doing – especially since there may be good reasons why my company uses license X.

  2. Jaroslav Reznik Says:

    That was me ;-) No, GPLv3 is indeed not a problem for Fedora/Red Hat but missing license in a source code (Lukas Tinkl already reported it) – better license checker would be really great – or trademarked :( kde games (again in KDE bugzilla) are.

    Next time I’ll sit two, three rows back :D

  3. Ryan Rix Says:

    Jaroslav :)

  4. adridg Says:

    @jaroslav: unlicensed files should be caught when they’re C++ source, since we have a commit-hook that checks for these things. They still slip by once in a while, which is why I also grep for stuff. Getting the tools just right is tricky unless we mandate specific forms for the available licenses.

    As far as trademarked games goes: yeah, we should have talked about that at Akademy.

  5. Jaroslav Reznik Says:

    I tried to catch you but then I just forgot, sorry :-) But I think the situation is quite clear now.

    For license check – I know, it’s checked while committed into SVN. I’m trying to find bug, I have to ask Lukas Tinkl when he become online – he was working on it.

  6. adridg Says:

    @jaroslav: yes, the situation is clear. it might be my job to explain it upstream (e.g. in KDE itself) though.