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Oh. Vienna!

Huzzah, time to use another Ultravox song title in a blog post. What’s that you say? Mid-80s music references indicate a midlife crisis? Right. But for the first time in my life I’m in Austria for non-skiing activities, and I’ll be doing a little workshop today on Free Software licensing, copyright assignment, business alignment and whatever else I can cram into a few hours and which the participants are interested in. Afterwards, I’m looking forward to meeting some of the Austrian Fellows of FSFE and – who knows – gazing out over the Danube.


4 Responses to “Oh. Vienna!”

  1. friesoft Says:

    I’m a student living in vienna and I’ll have to do a presentation about licenses soon in my class… So my question is now, if yours is open to the public, and where and when it is…. Unfortunately i only have time in the evening -.-
    Thanks in advance

  2. hnhn Says:

    So when will you get to visiting us in Prague [again]? :)

  3. adridg Says:

    Well, “a presentation on licenses” is a pretty broad topic. I’ll put up a part of what I presented which gives a brief overview of licenses, but it’s of course all in the style of the FSFE and uses my presentation style (which is something like “5 minutes of rambling and anecdotes tangentially related to the words on the slide”)

  4. adridg Says:

    When I switch my attentions back to hacking and getting interesting and useful software on OpenSolaris again; maybe next time you should float an S10u8 install CD down the river for me.