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poll(open(“KDE4 on OpenSolaris”))

The communities working on KDE4 on OpenSolaris are fairly small — there’s one group using Sun Studio and aiming for integration with the usual packaging on OpenSolaris, and there’s the Belenix distribution which uses gcc. The two complement each other. I’m involved with the former group, working on packaging and keeping KDE code tidy (as much as possible — though I’ll admit to introducing hideous #ifdefs). What we don’t know much about is who would want KDE4 on OpenSolaris (or Solaris 10, for that matter — Ben has been really active in bringing the whole thing to S10, which takes even more porting). To that end, Pavel has set up a poll on SurveyBob, writing: If you are already using KDE4 on OpenSolaris or Solaris, or you plan to, please let us know more about your expectations and take a brief survey. There’s no prizes attached to this survey, but we’d be happy to know more about the people for whom we’re doing all this packaging (you don’t necessarily have to show us any love, either).

2 Responses to “poll(open(“KDE4 on OpenSolaris”))”

  1. Fri13 Says:

    It is nice to hear that KDE SC is delivered for other OS users than just Linux. SunOS is great OS and I usually use Solars and not OpenSolaris distribution.

  2. adridg Says:

    FreeBSD is a better supported platform (than Solaris); you can of course also run KDE applicatons on Windows and Mac OS X. KDE 4.4 works in OpenSolaris and Solaris 10 as well — the latter is more experimental than the OSOL packages, but should be ok.