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My Precious

Now I’m prime again, not square, I thought I’d take a moment to jot down what’s really precious to me. That’s my family (Mignon, Mira and Amiel), good food (wine, cheese and coffee), responsible lifestyle choices (bicycle, local organic vegetables and the train). I work to live, and those are what I work for.

12 Responses to “My Precious”

  1. Mike Arthur Says:

    You missed out Paul Adams? He’ll be very hurt.

  2. Jos Says:

    Congratulations Ade!
    Nice lifestyle choices, you did not even mention freedom.
    Enjoy your prime.

  3. Not me, honest Says:

    You’re only 13!?!? ;)

  4. Luca Beltrame Says:

    Being nitpicky, but when I read “organic”, the scientist in me irks. I assume you mean a specific type of food? Because any food can be classified as “organic”…

  5. Paul Adams Says:

    Cheese. Oh yes, cheese.

    They don’t sell Fromage de Bruxelles at the Cheese Society in Lincoln. I guess we will just have get some at FOSDEM.


  6. curious Says:

    06/01/1973 ?

  7. adridg Says:

    But then I wouldn’t recently have been square. No, solutions where n is a square and n+1 is prime are n=1 (degenerate), n=4, n=16, n=36, n=100 (for the range of human lifespan expressen in years).

  8. adridg Says:

    Curse you Paul Adams. Verily, I shall .. just have to deal with this nice piece of Shropshire Blue myself, and save the fromage de Bruxelles until FOSDEM.

  9. adridg Says:

    That’s not my social security number, no.

  10. adridg Says:

    Yes! It contains carbon compounds typically associated with organic life! And some of it was organized to resemble a rutabaga tonight. You’re quite right to nitpick this one: in Dutch, though (convention trumps correctness) this stuff is called “biological vegetables”, like “organic produce” in North America. It’s pesticide free and in-season stuff, as opposed to strawberries in December.

  11. adridg Says:

    Well, you hurt the ones you love, right? I’ll make up to him with waffles and whipped cream (oh, yes, whipped cream) at FOSDEM.

  12. Luca Beltrame Says:

    @adridg Yes, that’s how they are called here as well. I’m not too keen on them, for a number or reasons that go beyond the scope of this blog, but thanks for the clarification.