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I welcome our new gnomic overlords

The location for GUADEC has been published: the Hague. LWN reports, and it looks like a cool team of folks doing the organizing. I wish them all the best — but they’re competing against the vierdaagse, so it’s no contest, really.

3 Responses to “I welcome our new gnomic overlords”

  1. Chani Says:


  2. adridg Says:

    1) GUADEC is in the Netherlands 2) I am in the Netherlands 3) I welcome our new robotic overlords 4) Except that the schedule of GUADEC collides with the yearly party in my city at the other end of the country 4a) A party which has been going on for over 60 years, if not 80, every summer 5) This blog entry was overly cryptic

  3. Armijn Hemel Says:

    Actually, the party has been held since 1969, but the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse (so the actual walking for a ridiculous amount of kilometers) has been organised since 1909. Gotta love wikipedia :-)