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Who is the FSFE?

The FSFE stand at FSCONS was staffed by a mix of full-time employees, interns, volunteers, Fellows, country team leads and (occasionally) anyone who would stand there for a few minutes while the rest took off for a food break. In order to show who the FSFE is, I took to drawing little portraits on the whiteboard. Now, my artistic skills are well known — I believe I’ve written of my sheer awesomeness with Kolourpaint; phrases like “skillz like a road-kill hedgehog” apply. Nonetheless, here is a little flash-card which you can use to identify FSFE people at your next conference.

people of FSFE flashcard

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8 Responses to “Who is the FSFE?”

  1. hugo Says:

    Nice :)

  2. gollo Says:

    Thanks for posting this :) I think most of use are very easy to recognize in this piece of art. Under which licence is this available? ;)

  3. Karsten Gerloff (karsten) 's status on Thursday, 19-Nov-09 13:12:31 UTC - Says:

    [...] a few seconds ago from Choqok [...]

  4. Karsten Gerloff (karsten) 's status on Thursday, 19-Nov-09 14:51:58 UTC - Says:

    [...] a few seconds ago from Choqok [...]

  5. wildcard Says:

    NOOOOOOO you took the picture before I was painted on there as well :’(

  6. adridg Says:

    gollo: yeah, I think the drawings helps. As an identifying help for the FSFE people present at FSCONS this year, at least (although I didn’t get everyone in, even from that event: for instance I missed Brian). Consider the art to be licensed under a CC-BY-SA license.

  7. adridg Says:

    I didn’t look at the board after about 5pm sunday, so I might have missed you. You’re not the only one not in this particular set of drawings, though. I’ll see if I can continue to do them as I meet more FSFE people — of all kinds. It’s not like it takes a lot of time :)

  8. wildcard Says:

    Crap happens ;) There’s always FSCONS 2010